Shandong Luli Steel CO.,LTD.


"Building energy-saving environmental protection enterprises" has always been the company's goal. According to the production process requirements, combined with flue gas, dust and other characteristics, equipped with the corresponding electrical dust collection, bag dust removal and other environmental protection facilities.
My company invested 49 million yuan to build the sintering flue gas desulfurization project. The project adopts lime gypsum wet desulphurization process with mature technology, stable operation, wide range of desulfurizer sources and easy disposal of by-products. The pollutant emission concentration of sintering flue gas is SO2<200mg/Nm3, and the annual emission reduction capacity of SO2 is 7400 tons. The desulfurization project was determined by the Shandong provincial Environmental Protection Agency as a model project, installed on-line monitoring, and achieved the networking of provinces and cities.