Shandong Luli Steel CO.,LTD.

Company profile

Shandong Lu Li Steel Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. It is a joint venture enterprise of sintering, iron making, steel making and rolling. The company is located in Shandong Province, Shouguang Hou Town, north of two national open ports of Yangkou Port 20 kilometers east, 15 kilometers from Weifang port, Ukraine high-speed road 2 km away from the factory, transportation convenience. The company now employs more than 6000 people. In 2011 by the "iron and steel industry in Shandong province" 12th Five-Year "development plan" in Shandong Province as the focus on supporting the development of iron and steel enterprises, support the development of high quality Luli steel rods, high strength rebar, steel processing and distribution base construction, implementation of products and services to the downstream extension.
The company has more than 3 grade steel production license qualification and tube billet production license qualification. The thread steel produced since 1998 has been recognized by the provincial and Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau as "inspection free products"". In September 2012, the company successfully issued a "national industrial production license" certificate number: XK05-001-00082, products include: hot rolled ribbed steel reinforced concrete (including steel), HRB400, HRB400E, HRB335E, HRB500, HRB500E, specifications: 10mm-40mm. For the implementation of the policy of national energy saving and emission reduction of iron and steel industry structure adjustment, in response to the national call and promotion requirements of high strength steel, our company has eliminated two rebar production since 2011, is now the main production of more than three high strength and seismic type rebar, construction steel products by the national quality supervision and inspection center after, fully meet or exceed the national quality standard. In order to meet the market demand, the company invested 500 million yuan to build steel processing and distribution center forming, one phase of the project has been completed, the annual processing capacity of 1 million tons of distribution, products on the market, welcomed by the users, saves a lot of manpower, material and financial resources for the construction of the user. Other products are 16 - Phi Phi 180 carbon steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, with a diameter of 50 mm diameter 260 - tube, 150mm * 150mm 220mm * 220mm billet, and 200 varieties of 300 series stainless steel, alloy steel ingot, the "Lu Li" brand pipe steel was identified as "Shandong famous brand" products. The company passed the quality management (ISO9001), environmental management (ISO14001), occupation health and safety management (OHSAS18001) "three in one" system certification, establish a sound marketing system and customer service network. Products sold in more than 30 provinces, cities (regions), and exported to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and other places, has a good market reputation.
The company has always adhered to the high starting point, high input development policy, and strive to improve social, economic and environmental benefits simultaneously. Sintering, iron making, steelmaking and steel rolling, the current economic and technical indicators have reached the same level in the domestic industry, energy conservation and environmental protection work in the forefront of the province's industry. The surplus gas thermoelectric cogeneration project cooperation and blast furnace carbon resource management company developed a CDM project in Sweden, October 2008, by the national development and Reform Commission, and the United Nations passed the DOE inspection, November 2010 successfully registered in the United Nations, the project annual emissions of CO2 550 thousand tons, saving 220 thousand tons of standard coal, the annual availability of free capital 5 million 220 thousand euros.
The next step will be determined in accordance with the "12th Five-Year" development planning development direction, highlighting the high strength and seismic type rebar, steel processing and distribution and molding quality rod product characteristics, adhere to the "low carbon cycle, and green" concept, based on the current production capacity, increase technological innovation, accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, further optimization of industrial the layout, build a green steel enterprises with professional characteristics and innovation ability.