Shandong Luli Steel CO.,LTD.


Lu Li's spirit of enterprise
Learning, innovation, work, passion
Lu Li's corporate ideal
Ju Wen of the province, and strive to the country, all over the world
Quality policy of Shandong plywood
Quality products, satisfactory service, continuous improvement
Lu Lu's strategic goal
This province guarantees the first, the national struggle for the first, the international first-class
Value of enterprise
Achievement of employees, service customers
Lu Li employee values
Dedicate one's loyalty to the motherland
Dedicate the good faith to the user
Dedicate your wisdom to Lu Li
Give love to friends
Keep yourself healthy
Lu Li employee motto
Lu Li relies on us to revitalize, we depend on Lu Li to exist
The motto of Lu Li group
Failure is allowed, no innovation is allowed
For the motto
Bidding and purchasing of goods than three, supporting the competition, preferred choice of low-cost product than the same quality, the same quality than price, the same price than service
Environmental management Maxim
Bosom blue ideal, create beautiful living space
Lu Li after-sales service motto
Solving the problems of users is the driving force of our service development