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2015.04.20 heating furnace refractory tender notice

Release date:2017-07-11 17:25:02
Bid details:
According to the production plan of our company, we have decided to invite the bidding for the ceramic regenerator and cantilever roller aperture brick for heating furnace, and invite the manufacturers with the supply capacity to participate in the bidding.
I. contents of bidding
entry name
Specification requirements and performance indicators
Ceramic regenerator
Specifications: 100*150*100mm.
The reference index: AL2O3 = 67%, Fe2O3 = 1.5%, K2O+Na2O = 1.5, the compressive strength is larger than 6Mpa, refractoriness of more than 1750 DEG C
Fand 47m
Baffle brick
500*100*100mm (chrome corundum material)
1.2 tons
450*100*100mm (chrome corundum material)
5.85 tons
350*100*100mm (chrome corundum material)
2.75 tons
300*100*100mm (chrome corundum material)
0.26 tons
Tap brick
4 block
26 block
Air baffle brick
150 block
Gas baffle brick
150 block
Quick drying and explosion proof castable
7 tons
Two, bidding qualification requirements:
(1) with the domestic legal person status, registration, production and management of the goods purchased by the tender, accompanied by relevant production licenses and other qualification documents.
(2) a copy of the supply performance contract and use report for the three years in the vicinity of the manufacturer with the same type of goods delivery performance.
(3) new suppliers to participate in the bidding for a day ahead to the financial department of our company to pay the bid bond 5000 yuan, after winning the new supplier, pay the deposit automatically to the contract to pay the deposit, new suppliers do not win the deposit within one week to return the original number, damaging bid deposit shall not be refunded. The old clients with the balance on the account may draw 5000 yuan proof of the bid bond for the financial affairs and affix the special stamp for bid bond".
Three, payment: acceptance (six months period acceptance) payment, goods to masonry finished, after the acceptance of qualified, Party B issued 17% full VAT invoice.
Four tender time: 9:00 in the morning on April 20, 2015
Five 、 bid / bid:
(1) online bidding, quotation, lowest bidder.
(2) the quantity to be awarded by the supplier must be signed by the buyer after examination and approval.
Six, liability for breach of contract:
(1) after the successful bidder has signed the contract with us, the supplier shall not stop the supply for any reason. The supplier shall bear all the losses caused by the buyer's cause of stopping the supply.
(2) the supplier must be in accordance with the contract number of on-time delivery, did not complete the contract according to the number of 100 yuan / ton price deducted directly from suppliers.
Seven, other: the intention to vote of the unit can supply the Department with the department.
Eight, tender website: