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Urban construction has been postponed, what can steel city expect?

Release date:2017-07-06 15:42:48
The urbanization work conference or pushed to the end of the month, will be held in late May or early June. Before the construction of urbanization gives high hopes of unpopular in a meeting in. The wolf came and cried third times. Nobody believed it. It was a simple truth. It was doubtful whether the town conference would be held as planned. As for the history of the most stringent, the highest standards of urbanization conference once convened, what can steel city expect?
The urbanization work conference is again and again three was delayed because it is not satisfied with the local government for the new urbanization submitted "Outline" draft for hope "to build human centered urbanization" can achieve the desired effect, it is absolutely not the local government understand simple vigorously the construction of the building project, etc.. This is not expected before the steel market, will lead to a high demand for steel market release.
While the steel market for the next ten years earlier urbanization will drive 40 trillion investment "to say, very excited, and high hopes for the future market, thereby producing more actively, to seize more market share in the future market. The resulting average daily crude steel production since February in Hunan Province high, in February China's crude steel output 61 million 830 thousand tons, output 2 million 208 thousand tons, the highest level in history, to March the average daily output of 2 million 138 thousand and 700 tons, in April the average daily output of 2 million 188 thousand and 300 tons, in early May 2 million 193 thousand tons of daily output etc..
However, with the new urbanization concept strictly divided into "city centered, for the reform of the local urban construction projects strictly, which has not been implemented, crude steel production continued to rise has caused a significant impact on the operation of the market. And not only the construction of urbanization has been postponed to bring to the market a strong overall economic situation is expected to fall, domestic are weaker, manufacturing industry, household appliances industry, machinery and shipbuilding steel city downstream industries are slowing the recovery process, plus five of the property market restrictions, lower demand for steel city, a city run steel downturn was Starving people fill the land..
At present, the domestic steel price has fallen below the nearly 3 year low, then the period is still hard to decline, steel production release is still increasing trend, the steel market supply and demand has always been difficult to effectively alleviate. Market participants judge that the late steel market demand for obvious growth is unlikely. The author also believes that even if the latter stage of the new urbanization project started, it may not be able to immediately bring the steel market out of the quagmire of weak pattern.
Moreover, the emphasis on the reform of the town construction plan, the key to reform, through household registration, land, taxation, finance, administration and other areas of reform, effective urbanization, quality development. However, for the local government, if the urban household registration and the settlement of all urban farmers' social security and medical insurance problems are fully liberalized, local financial pressure will be brought about. Thus, for these problems, the end of the urbanization conference process here, still look at the local government and the government game policy face strength.
Thus, the urbanization conference postponed to what time held for the market excitement has been gradually weakened, although said the construction of the new urbanization is driven by a part of the market demand, but after this period was due to urbanization is expected to be better continue to bring lost history of suffering, the market is not good which can because of scar, news the spirit stimulate and forget the pain? After the implementation of construction projects for the real town, substantial demand for the release to market expectations.